Product List

Silicone Sealing Strips – O-Ring Slicone Kitchen Utensils
Silicone Sealing Gaskets – O-Ring Silicone Shaped Cake Moulds
Silicone Profiles & Gaskets Silicone Shaped Muffin Moulds
Exterior Silicone Seals Silicone Chocolate Moulds
Wooden Silicone Seals Silicone Trivets
Hookah Silicone Pipes Silicone Teapot Hot Pads
Steam Iron Silicone Pipes Silicone Teapot Trivets
Silicone Pipes Silicone Baking Mats & Pads
Silicone Socket Heads Silicone Shaped Spatulas
Silicone Fireproof Gloves Silicone Egg Brushes
Silicone Garlic Peelers Silicone Egg Holders
Silicone Shaped Soap Dishes Silicone Shape Iceboxes

Silicone rubber is chemically extremely stable and suitable for use with many acids and alkalis. It resists to oil, ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, high temperature and weathering in general. It also has good electrical insulation, low flammability, low smoke, and no harmful toxic or physiological effects.

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